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Your home is one of your largest and most valuable assets you own, which is why you want to have the most qualified Home Watch Company looking after it when you are not here.

Many problems can arise while you are away from your home and by us catching these problems early can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damages to your home.  We have the experience, the tools and problem-solving skills to address any issues that may arise while you are away.  We are excellent communicators and we will deliver you a detailed inspection report every time we visit your home. We are able to personalize our services to meet your needs. We treat every home we take care of just like it was our home.

  • We are accredited through the National Home Watch Association
  • We are A+ rated and accredited through the Better Business Bureau
  • We are licensed, bonded and properly insured through the National Home Watch Association member program
  • We use a detailed 30-point digital inspection report using time stamped photographs of your property so that you can see what we see when visiting your home
  • We always make sure your home looks lived in by removing mail, newspapers and debris from your driveway and front porch
  • We can do almost anything you can do if you were home such as managing contractors and vendors, receiving packages or respond to emergencies on your behalf
  • We insure your contractors are showing up to do their work and then report to you with our findings
  • We will send you your report usually on the same day we inspect your home and will always call you with any serious issues we observe while we are at your home


What is a home watch service?

Home Watch is the visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.  We perform physical inspections of your vacant home, when you are unable to do it yourself. We inspect all the components of your home, both inside and out.  We look for signs of leaks, pests, mold and distressed landscape.  We inspect your pool, irrigation, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems.  When we find an issue, we report it to you on the same day as the inspection, using our electronic reporting system.  If something needs immediate attention and we cannot resolve it ourselves, we call you immediately.  Additional to performing inspections, a home watch company will handle anything you need done to your property, meeting contractors, receiving furniture or starting your car, saving you valuable time and dollars of not having to come back and do these things yourself.


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