Oro Valley Home Watchers Services


Comprehensive Inspections

Our weekly and semi-weekly inspections ensure that every part of your home is protected.  We use a 30-point inspection covering your home’s interior and exterior including:


  • Searching for evidence of leaks and water damage
  • Identifying any pest penetration or infestation into the house
  • Flushing toilets and filling P-traps in the sinks and showers
  • Running dishwasher and washing machine
  • Checking HVAC, Water heaters and all systems in your home
  • Examining breaker panels


  • Removing of newspapers, flyers, packages and debris from front walkway and/or patio and sweep or blow debris when necessary
  • Checking for erosion or drainage problems
  • Ensuring landscape maintenance has been performed and reporting any distressed plants and weed infestation while looking for any possible irrigation leaks
  • Checking pool and/or spa is clear, water levels are appropriate and equipment appears to be operating properly
  • Examining property for any broken windows, attempted forced entry or vandalism
  • Searching for any signs of pests both inside and outside that could lead to further problems to the home

Additional Services:

  • Starting or driving golf carts/vehicles
  • Forwarding mail
  • Watering indoor and outdoor plants
  • Replacing air filters and smoke detectors when needed
  • Removing unwanted weeds

We are able to customize our inspections to include any items you feel requires special attention. We will attach photos of any issues that arise and will also include other photos to just let you know everything looks great. Our inspections use time stamped technology insuring we were at your home when we say we are.  We usually send you your report on the same day and will always contact you immediately when urgent situations arise.

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind.


Who Uses Our Services?

Along with our comprehensive inspections, we can personalize our services to meet your needs, such as offering the following:

  • Part-time (Absentee) Home Owners – Along with our regular inspections, we can meet with anyone and coordinate anything you need while you are away. Receiving an important package or meeting with a contractor to get a bid or finish off a project, we can be there for you. We can be you, when you are not here.
  • Absentee Home Sellers – We can ensure your home stays fresh and marketable by offering you a touch up service that includes vacuuming your carpet, sweeping your front porch and wiping down your appliances and all counter tops. If your windows need cleaning or you need other services to keep your home looking its best, we will let you know.  Additionally, we will make sure all your lighting is in working order so that your property will show its best.
  • New Home Buyers – Just purchased your new home, but you are not moving in right away? We can be your eyes and ears on your property until you move in. We will coordinate with your movers, painters, cleaners, utility companies, pool service, pest control, landscapers and anyone else you request. The last thing you need when you get to your home is a big surprise you were not expecting.
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